Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival 2024

Where: Aspendos Amphitheatre (38 km from Antalya), ,
When: Annually on June and July.
Il barbiere di Siviglia Opera by Gioachino Rossini - Photo: WikimediaImages []
Il barbiere di Siviglia
Il barbiere di Siviglia Opera by Gioachino Rossini
Photo: WikimediaImages []

In the old time of the Roman Empire the city Aspendos was ruled by the Empire. Nowadays it is located on the Turkish territory, 4 km north of Serik or 38 km from Antalya.

The Roman amphitheater is known as one of the ancient and glorious amphitheaters. Thanks to the conservation, it is the most preserved one of the 2000 years old original buildings that still stand and function.

Since 1994, once a year, during June – July (various dates), an international opera and ballet festival is held with shows of the best classic repertoire.

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Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival
Phone: +90 (0) 242.244 24 46 Turkish Ministry of Tourism
Ismet Inonu Bulvar 5, Banceliever, Ankara
Phone: +90 (0) 312 212 8300
Fax: +90 (0) 312 212 8391
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230 V 50Hz
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UTC+2 - (Summer UTC+3)
Turkish (official), Kurdish, Dimli (or Zaza), Azeri, Kabardian.
outheastern Europe and Southwestern Asia (that portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe), bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria.
Temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior
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Turkish Culture and Tourism Office Atatürk Bulvarı No:29 06050 Opera Ankara – Turkey Phone: (+90.312) 309 08 50 Fax: (+90.312) 312 43 59
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Modern Turkey was founded in 1923 from the Anatolian remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire by national hero Mustafa KEMAL, who was later honored with the title Ataturk, or "Father of the Turks." Under his authoritarian leadership, the country adopted wide-ranging social, legal, and political reforms. After a period of one-party rule, an experiment with multi-party politics led to the 1950 election victory of the opposition Democratic Party and the peaceful transfer of power. Since then, Turkish political parties have multiplied, but democracy has been fractured by periods of instability and intermittent military coups (1960, 1971, 1980), which in each case eventually resulted in a return of political power to civilians. In 1997, the military again helped engineer the ouster - popularly dubbed a "post-modern coup" - of the then Islamic-oriented government. Turkey intervened militarily on Cyprus in 1974 to prevent a Greek takeover of the island and has since acted as patron state to the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," which only Turkey recognizes. A separatist insurgency begun in 1984 by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - now known as the People's Congress of Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel (KGK) - has dominated the Turkish military's attention and claimed more than 30,000 lives. After the capture of the group's leader in 1999, the insurgents largely withdrew from Turkey, mainly to northern Iraq. In 2004, KGK announced an end to its ceasefire and attacks attributed to the KGK increased. Turkey joined the UN in 1945 and in 1952 it became a member of NATO. In 1964, Turkey became an associate member of the European Community; over the past decade, it has undertaken many reforms to strengthen its democracy and economy, enabling it to begin accession membership talks with the European Union.
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