Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files containing short and concise information transmitted to your browser. These files are stored on your device (Including but not limited to PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet, etc.) while you visit a certain website. Cookies saved may send information back to a website you visited.

Cookies Characteristics:

  • Permanent Cookies / Persistent Cookies – Never expire, and are kept by a browser until manually removed.
  • Temporary / Session Cookies – Expire once browser window or session is terminated.

Both types may be formed by either first-party, or third-party entities, as explained below.

Cookies Usage, Application, and Needs:

  • Strictly Necessary – This kind is formed by first-party entities, and is designated to ensure coherent, streamlined, and functioning operation of website components. Usually used for membership management and user login sessions. As our website does not offer member registration, this kind of cookies is not applicable to this site.
  • Performance – this kind is designed to collect anonymous statistics data such as pages visited, frequency of visits, and the like to guarantee a pleasant and productive user experience. Please note that these cookies never hold any personal information of any kind that may allow any user private details identification. Data collected is non user specific and used exclusively to gather website statistics.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies encapsulate anonymous information, and are formed by third-party entities such as but not limited to advertisers, marketing firms, ad agents, etc. These cookies may be temporary / session or persistent ones, and are designed mainly to offer better, more relevant ads to users. Let it be clear that these cookies are created by third parties as our advertisements affiliates.

Other Third-Party Cookies

Some of our web pages consist of links to other websites such as but not limited to Bookings, Facebook, Youtube, and others. Cookies created by such third-party entities are not, and cannot be monitored by us. Therefore they are neither maintained, overseen, nor monitored by us. It is your responsibility to vet such third party services for cookies created when using their websites and services.

How to manage and remove cookies:

  • Desktop – if you wish to limit, block, or remove cookies, use your browser’s Settings menu. You may click Help to see more details about your specific browser. Moreover, visit “About Cookies Org”  for various browser cookie management directions.
  • Mobile & Tablets – Please see your device user guide for further details.

The following cookies are added by our web site and have the following purposes.


Cookie Name





PHPSESSID Cookie generated by applications based on the PHP language for core site functionality and is designed to identify your unique browsing session between pages on the website, in order to help produce a better custom browsing experience. It does not contain or saves any personal information and is deleted as soon as you close all browser windows. When the user’s browser is closed.
carniCPOpt This cookie is used to mark the user’s consent and acknowledgment to the usage of cookies while visiting the website. This cookie will prevent the cookies notification message from displaying every time the user visits the site. This cookie does not track or saves any personal information. Kept by a browser until manually removed.



Our website uses cookies in order to give you a better user experience, by continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our cookies policy.