Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi in San Francisco de Yare 2025

When: Thursday, June 19, 2025
Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi in San Francisco de Yare - Photo: YP
Diablos Danzantes de Yare
Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi in San Francisco de Yare
Photo: YP

The Diablos Danzantes Devil Dance Festival, is held once a year on Corpus Christi in the city of San Francisco de Yare. The festival preserves an atmosphere and an ancient local tradition that began in the eighteenth century.

In the festival there is a procession in which the participants dance in groups at a loud voice of the music of the drums. The dancers wear red capes decorated with crosses, prayer beads and amulets. The main importance is that on their head they wear a mask of the devil.

The dance of the devil figures symbolizes, according to Christian tradition, the divine grace (Blessed Sacrament) of the triumph of good over evil. The dancers, the music and the drums fill the streets as the colorful parade of dancers moves towards the church. When they arrive at the church, the celebrants kneel and receive the priest’s blessing.

At the end of the day, the church bells that announce the end of the ceremony are heard all over the city, then the celebrants disperse until their reunion next year.

The visit to Yara on Diablos Danzantes Day – leaves the visitor with unforgettable cultural experiences.


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