Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival in Jeju Island 2019 | South Korea, Dates , Venues & Tickets

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival in Jeju Island 2019

Where:   Jeju Island, South Korea
When:    Annually on February / March (2019 TBA)
Details are subject to change by the organizers, for final event location & dates, check "Event related information" section below.

The Fire Festival in Jeju Island or as it is named in Korea Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival is a national holiday that is celebrated on the first full moon of the Korean lunar calendar.

The core of the holiday is the believers pray for a lucky and healthy year.

On the opening evening of the festival, an impressive ceremony is held: the burn of Daljip. This is a wooden structure which is built every year on the hill top. On the climax of the ceremony, the structure is burnt and the giant flames light the island's sky.

During the three days of the festival, traditional sport contests are held. One of the contests is Deumdol which, in ancient time, was an integral part of the maturity ceremony of the island's residents. In the unusual contest, the competitors carry a stone of 130 kg in their hands. The competitor who passes the longest distance is the winner.

The festival reaches its climax in traditional events, various culture shows and shooting fireworks which are held in the evening.

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Jeju Fire Festival
Jeju Fire Festival, Photo:
Please note that the details of the event are subject to change. We strongly recommended that you check with the organizers before making any travel arrangements.
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Event related information
Admission fee:
 Free (Separate fee for hands-on events)

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Jeju-City travel information
Dialing code: 64
Longitude: 126.5311884°
Latitude: 33.4996213°
South Korea information address: Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters Cheonggyecheon-ro 40 Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-180 Phone: +82 2 7299-600
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South Korea country details
Location: Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the East Sea and the Yellow Sea.
Capital: Seoul
Currency: South Korean won (KRW)
Voltage and Frequency: 220v 60Hz
Dialing country code: +82
Language: Korean, English widely taught in junior high and high school.

South Korea background and overview:
Korea was an independent kingdom for much of the past millennium. Following its victory in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, Japan occupied Korea; five years later it formally annexed the entire peninsula. After World War II, a Republic of Korea (ROK) was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a Communist-style government was installed in the north (the DPRK). During the Korean War (1950-53), US troops and UN forces fought alongside soldiers from the ROK to defend South Korea from DPRK attacks supported by China and the Soviet Union. An armistice was signed in 1953, splitting the peninsula along a demilitarized zone at about the 38th parallel. Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth with per capita income rising to roughly 14 times the level of North Korea. In 1993, KIM Yo'ng-sam became South Korea's first civilian president following 32 years of military rule. South Korea today is a fully functioning modern democracy. In June 2000, a historic first North-South summit took place between the South's President KIM Dae-jung and the North's leader KIM Jong Il.
[Courtesy of The World Factbook]
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