TD New York Five Boro Bike Tour 2019 | United States, Dates , Venues & Tickets
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TD New York Five Boro Bike Tour 2019

Where:   NYC, New York, United States
When:    Sunday, May 5, 2019
Details are subject to change by the organizers, for final event location & dates, check "Event related information" section below.
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Once a year, in start May, one of the greatest bicycle riding is held in New York. The event turned to be a traditional event for almost 30 years. Among the 30,000 participant cyclists, the spectators can see young cyclists side by side with older ones, experience riders as well as inexperience.
In addition, lot of local residents and tourists accompany the riders alongside the bike's course (Due to the numerous visitors during the "New York Five Boro Bike Tour"  and the high demand for accommodations it is recommended to check hotel rates and book rooms well in advance).
All the streets along the bike 68th km (42 miles) course are closed on the event's day. The street closure itself is an unusual event in New York.
It turns the city from a very noisy city to calm one. The course passes through 5 boroughs of New York City, through lot of neighborhoods and brides. 
This allows the cyclists to see the city in most special way. The journey starts in Lower Manhattan and continues north to central Manhattan, through Harlem and Bronx. Then it turns back south along East River, through Queens and Brooklyn via Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island where a marvelous festival is held.

The event information is present in the "Bike New-York", website link below, under "Event related information" section.
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TD New York  Five Boro Bike Tour
TD New York Five Boro Bike Tour, Photo: / Kfriedman
Please note that the details of the event are subject to change. We strongly recommended that you check with the organizers before making any travel arrangements.
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Event related information
Bike New York, 891 Amsterdam Avenue,
New York, NY 10025
Phone: +1 212 932 BIKE

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