The Hungarian Gulyás Festival in Norridge Illinois 2019 | United States, Dates , Venues & Tickets
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The Hungarian Gulyás Festival in Norridge Illinois 2019

Where:   Norridge United Hungarian Church of Christ, Norridge, Illinois, United States
When:    Saturday, July 6, 2019 - Sunday, July 7, 2019 - Estimated date !
Details are subject to change by the organizers, for final event location & dates, check "Event related information" section below.
The Hungarian Gulyás Festival in Norridge, Illinois is a culture and culinary fiesta which is dedicated to Hungarian tradition.
During the festival’s days the visitors can taste diverse kinds of Hungarian Gulyás and also enjoy:
  • Folklore shows
  • Hungarian music shows
  • Wander between stands that offer handmade crafts
  • Visit a unique area that suggests various children activities and more
The festival's program, venue, lineup information show time / schedule of events, how to get, parking etc, is present in the festival's link website below, under "Event Related Information" section.

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The Hungarian Gulyás Festival in Norridge - Logo
The Hungarian Gulyás Festival in Norridge - Logo, Photo by:
Please note that the details of the event are subject to change. We strongly recommended that you check with the organizers before making any travel arrangements.
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Event related information
Norridge United Church of Christ
8260 W. Foster Ave.,
Norridge, IL 60706

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