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About Carnifest.com

Published: Sunday, June 21, 2015

CarniFest Online® is the world's most tightly knit events searching website.

CarniFest Online® helps you to plan and integrate, in your journey, events that are held on your journey course whether it is a carnival, festival, street parade or any other event that happens to occur at the time and place of your course.

CarniFest Online® offers you a search platform for carnivals, festivals and all kinds of cultural events all around the glob when and where ever you have interest.

The website offers geographical information and diverse events themes such as national, sport, tradition, outdoor activities, cinema, classical music, opera, theater, street parades, jazz music, etc...

CarniFest Online® offers travelers from all over the world an opportunity to come and share our unique universal and comprehensive events database.

Our editors make all efforts to enable the most convenient accesses to information about festivals, carnivals or any other cultural worldwide events including its venues and schedules.

Before planning your journey enjoy our full scope of information, concern a matter of "what to do" or "what to see" at your destination or integrate it in your travel itinerary.

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Winter ice-skating
Winter ice-skating, CarniFest Online Photo © All Rights Reserved
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