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Fifty-Seven - Country Music Band

Published: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fifty-Seven - All kind of Country Music Band

We are the Fifty-Seven, a Country Band specialised in Country Rock, Traditional Country and New Country Music. Just like the best traditions of Country World, we are a family who loves deeply all Country music, and in general all kind of music. 

To us music, especially Country music, is life, passion, culture, communication, pleasure and fun. Country music such as Country Rock and New Country Music gives a taste of American Style and special atmosphere at every show. The most famous singers of the Country World, like Alan Jackson, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Brady Seals will lead us to the fantastic World of the American Country!

All the three of us are musicians and we play with guitars (classic and electric) and percussions on original musical bases arranged by us with the support of the PC. The group is available in different configurations depending on the show requested:
  •  Basic configuration: 3 elements with the support of original musical bases 
  •  Advanced configuration: up to 9 elements for a whole live show
We also play International music from 40s to 2000, to lead you through the music of our life: this show can be suitable to events performed for the Italian comunities that live abroad all over the World and Italian Embassies.


                    Singer , Rhythmic Guitar.
Expert musician, he plays since he was 10 years old. Registered to the Italian Society of Authors and Editors SIAE of Forence as Author / Composer / Musician, he has taken part to many musical exhibitions on TV (RAI and many private TVs) together with many famous artists in the most renowned places both in Italy and Europe.
He has played with Pop and Country Rock Bands in Paris for over 5 years and he has also played with many Italian artists as Paolo Vallesi. He has recorded four vinyl records (Durium label).
He plays guitars (acustic 6/12 chords – electric ) Bass, Drums, Percussions, Harmonica.
Anecdote: he bought his first guitar when he was 8 years old and its amount was 8000 Lire (case included).
                Eectric Guitar Solo, Rhythmic Guitar.
Despite to his young age, he is an expert musician and electric guitar solo. He has studied guitar for over 5 years and has taken part to various groups both Pop, Rock and Metal. Also composer and musician.

               Singer, Choir, Musician, Percussions
She is an aerospace engineer who loves music and dance, especially Country music and Country Dance. She has taken part to many groups and finally she has arrived at Fifty-Seven. She has started playing the piano when she was at high school.
Entertainer of the group.

 Fifty-Seven Band on the net:

Cell: +39 340 2413107 

Fifty-Seven Country Music Band
Fifty-Seven Country Music Band, Photo by: Leonardo
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