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RAY ISAAC - Australia's First SINGING DJ!!!

Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2014


An edgy brand of pop dance music which sounds like droppin' a shot of Justin Timberlake into a David Guetta Jagerbomb - An emotional, fiery rollercoaster ride! 

Ray Isaac is an independent Singer-Songwriter-DJ who has shaped himself into a brand that is sought after by producers and labels who admire his intoxicating lyrics and his insanely original performance style. His signature style expresses pain, love and redemption moving between fear and functional, allowing him to dictate his own brand of pop-infused dance music. 

Ray Isaac’s debut single “U Want or U Don’t” will be released September 2012. The official music video is out now. His first single ‘I Don't Give a Damn’ released through MINISTRY OF SOUND. He has new music out now through ULTRA music, BLACKHOLE Records, Robbie Rivera, FIERCE ANGEL, and Defected. 

Ray acts up to the crowd in his new re-invention of DJ by seducing his audience with Pop/House remixes saturated with tribal undertones in brooding arrangements which hark back to the day of hands-in-the-air fanfare. 

His success is built on his ability to combine, as illustrated by Time Out Magazine, a brilliant ‘electro dance-pop’ vibe to ignite his audience into a frenzy. Soon the buzz surrounding Ray Isaac will become a ROAR. 

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Australia's First SINGING DJ!!!
Australia's First SINGING DJ!!!, Photo by: RAY ISAAC
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