Portland Oregon Rose Festival 2024

When: Saturday, April 27, 2024 - Sunday, June 23, 2024 - The festival is part of the Rose Festival
Portland Rose Festival - General Electric/SOLVE Starlight Parade - CarniFest Online Photo © All Rights Reserved
Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade
Portland Rose Festival - General Electric/SOLVE Starlight Parade
CarniFest Online Photo © All Rights Reserved

Portland Rose Festival takes place in Portland Oregon. This is one of the culture events that are held from mid May till mid June. The festival that is held yearly preserves a tradition from 1907.

During its days the spectators can enjoy various kinds of events such as: a car race in Portland International Speedway and a naval review with boats of US navy’s, the coast guard’s boats and the Canadian navy. In addition to this a marvelous fireworks display is also held. The main event of the festival is The Grand Floral Parade which is knows as the second in USA.

Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days (The festival attracts, yearly, more than 500,000 spectators, locals and tourists) and the high demand for accommodations it is recommended to check hotel rates and book rooms well in advance.

Brass bands, groups of singers and dancers and vehicles decorated with colorful flowers participate in the parade.
The festival’s ten days supply great experiences to the whole families.

For accommodations, check the most recommended hotels in Portland OR and around, most of them suggest FREE CANCELLATION option or NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – PAY AT THE PROPERTY:
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Contact details:
Portland Rose Festival Association
1020 SW Naito Parkway, Portland OR 97204
Contact Email:

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As unforeseen circumstances can arise, the details of events are subject to change. We highly recommend checking with the organizers before making any travel arrangements to ensure up-to-date information.

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