Rainbow Spirit Festival 2025

Where: in Victoria, ,
When: Annually in January
Rainbow Serpent Festival - Photo by: www.rainbowserpent.net
Rainbow Serpent Festival
Photo by: www.rainbowserpent.net

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Rainbow Serpent Festival is a strange yet wonderful combination of soul and technology.

Thousands of people will travel to Beaufort in Victoria to celebrate their right to dance under the stars and the sun. Since the first gathering in 1998, Rainbow has become a popular annual get-together for thousands of like minded people.

Rainbow Serpent Festival is a kick butt, fun-swirling adventure that combines, music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation, healing and everything else unimaginable.

All packaged in an environmentally sound weekend of shenanigans for your consumption. At Rainbow the cream of electronic music floats to the surface. In 2007 the festival continues this trend, hosting its biggest line up ever of international and Australian artists exploring the full spectrum of electronic music.

Keep an eye out here for information on the stellar lineup for 2008 as it comes to hand! With amazing music, décor, roving artistic performances and workshops on a massive range of topics your biggest difficulty over the weekend will be deciding what to do next.

Exquisitely unique and alluringly sexy, the Rainbow Serpent Festival shows it’s friendly nature in every moment, providing welcome stimulation for all of your senses.

Camping comfortably amongst good friends, it’s the summer enjoyment you rightly deserve. It smells like fun because it is! Please visit Rainbow Serpent website for more information.

[Courtesy of ”Melbourne Victoria Australia” – visitvictoria.com]
For accommodations, check the most recommended hotels in Beaufort and around, most of them suggest FREE CANCELLATION option or NO PREPAYMENT NEEDED – PAY AT THE PROPERTY:
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GAP Events Pty Ltd , ACN 128 509 544
PO Box 23, Central Park, Vic 3145
Ph +613 9018 5455
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As unforeseen circumstances can arise, the details of events are subject to change. We highly recommend checking with the organizers before making any travel arrangements to ensure up-to-date information.

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