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Spartathlon - Ultramarathon Race (Athens to Sparta) 2018
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Friday, September 28, 2018 - Saturday, September 29, 2018
Every year, on the last Friday of September, the Spartathlon race starts from the Acropolises foot square in Athens (fFrom Athens to Sparta). This is an Ultra marathon with the participation of more than 200 runners from all over the world. The race perpetuates the heroic story of Pheidippides the messenger of the Greek army. According to the documentation of the historian Herodotus from 440 B.C., In the wartime between Persia and Greece, Pheidippides was sent from Athens to Sparta in order to get reinforcement. He reached Sparta...(read more)
Oxi (No) Day in Greece 2018
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Sunday, October 28, 2018 - Sunday, October 28, 2018
October 28th is, according to modern Greece history, the day when Greece demonstrated its national coherence and fighting as an independent nation for the freedom and liberty of it citizens. On October 28th 1940, Greece Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, refused to accept the ultimatum of Benito Mussolini, the ruler of Italy, which demanded that the Greek army will surrender to the Italian army hence Greece will turn to be an occupies country. The response to the ultimatum, given to the Italian ambassador Emanuele Grazzi was of one word...(read more)
Athens Marathon 2018
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Sunday, November 11, 2018 - Sunday, November 11, 2018
In contrary to the Marathon races in various cities worldwide, the participants of the Marathon race in Athens take part in perpetuation the heroic story about Pheidippides, the messenger of the Greek army who was sent from Marathon to Athens in order to inform the victory of the Greek army upon the Persian army. According to the legend he screamed "Victory" and dropped dead. The participants run in the original historic course from Marathon to Athens, 42.195 km (26 miles 385 yards). The race starts at the old battle field in...(read more)
Athens Carnival 2019
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Sunday, February 17, 2019 - Monday, March 11, 2019
2019 Greek Carnival Dates Triodion: Sunday, February 17th Tsiknopempti or "Burnt Thursday": February 28th Tsiknopempti Weekend: Friday, March 1st - Sunday, March 3rd Cheesefare Thursday: March 7th Main Carnival Weekend:  Friday March 8th-Sunday March 10th Clean Monday: March 11th High spirits, creative expression, wild colours and fantasy to spare are the driving forces behind this year's Athens Carnival, which kicks off on Tsiknopempti (Smoke Thursday). The aim of this year's Athens Carnival is to...(read more)
Changing of the Guard in Athens
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  All the year round.
He, who visits Syntagma Square at the foot of the parlament buliding near the tomb of the unknown soldier, can't ignore the guard soldiers with their traditional uniforms, skirts and shoes with pompons. On every Sunday, on 11 o’clock, a military parade accompanied with military bands takes place. The guards march to the Parliament building to the great/ weekly guard changing. In addition, every hour, a unique changing of guards’ ceremony is held. The soldiers march in a militaristic stiff style waving up and down their...(read more)
Athens Epidaurus Festival 2019
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Annually, Start June - mid August (2019 TBA)
Once a year, from start June to the start August (various dates), several culture events take place. Culture events as theatre plays, music, dance and other productions according to Greece's ancient tradition. Athens Epidaurus Festival is known as one of the leading classic culture event in the world. It is held mainly in the ancient theatre of Epidaurus (located in the Peloponnese). The preserved theater is part of the archeological site of the city. Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days and the high demand...(read more)
Christmas in Athens
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  Mid December till start January.
The City of Athens is decorating with Christmas cheer, staging a series of cultural events and utilising innovative ideas to create a festive atmosphere. The aim is to revive the spirit of the season by generating feelings of love, solidarity and humanity. The City endeavours to unite one and all this Yuletide season, bring joy to youngsters and allow adults to relive the wonder of childhood innocence. ''Magical Christmas in Athens'' seeks to attract children, youth, families, citizens of Athens and surrounding areas,...(read more)
Athens Central Market (Varvakeios Agora)
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  All the year round.
The central market of Athens ''Varvakeios Agora'' is located in 42 Athinas Street. It is looked upon as one of the original and beautiful markets in the world. The markets' stands are placed in a roofed building built especially for the market. The stands are set in long parallel rows where in every row a different kind of food is sold. Especially beautiful are the rows of the meat and of the sea food. The way the fishes and the meat are presented, the salespersons with it's' white gowns, the quit of the place...(read more)
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