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Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Cologne 2018
Where: Koeln, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
In the Christian calendar, the first season of the church year, a period of preparation for the birth of Jesus. Advent begins on the Sunday nearest to November 30 and continues until Christmas. During this period, from end November to December 23rd, Cologne squares turned to a one giant Christmas market. In contrary to other cities in Germany, Cologne holds six marvelous markets where each of them has different characters. Four of the markets are extremely large. The larger market is located in Cologne Cathedral. On the Christmas Market...(read more)
Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Coburg 2018
Where: Coburg, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
Coburg is situated on the riverbanks of Itz River in North East Bavaria. It is known due to ''Veste'' castle which is located on the hill above the city.   The Christmas market is held during Advent (Four week period before Christmas).   On its first day, the children of the town's choir march with light candles in a parade to the city center where the official opening ceremony of the market takes place. On the Christmas Market days accommodations can be fully booked, hence it is recommended to make...(read more)
Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Dortmund 2018
Where: Dortmund, Germany
When:  2018 from mid November till end December .
Dortmund is the seventh city in Germany in its size. It is located in the center of west Germany.   Dortmund traditional Christmas Market is held, yearly; from end November till the day after Christmas (during Advent - In the Christian calendar, the first season of the church year, a period of preparation for the birth of Jesus.   Advent begins on the Sunday nearest to November 30 and continues until Christmas). Dortmund market contains more than three hundred various stands that offer handcrafts and presents for the...(read more)
Transmediale Festival of Art and Digital Culture in Berlin 2019
Where: Berlin, Germany
When:  Annually in February. (2019 TBA)
The various kinds of the digital media are nowadays part of the contemporary art. Transmediale festival is determinate as festival for art and digital culture. It started in 1988 as a festival that was focused on video art. Since then the technology developed and with it the festival turned to be one of the most important digital art events. In the festival which is held in Berlin in end January - start February, the mutual influences of the technology on art and vice versa is inspected. An exhibition is presented, various discussions...(read more)
International Puppet Theatre Festival (Internationales Figurentheaterfestival) 2019
Where: Nuernberg, Germany
When:  Every 2 years. May 2019
The festival is held every two years. Last festival was 8-17 May 2015. The International Puppet Theatre Festival is held in Nuremberg. This is the greatest Puppet Theatre festival in Germany. The events last for ten days with the participation of more than fifty theatre groups from all over the world. The main events are held in Tafelhalle hall.  
Munich English Garden (Englischer Garten Munchen)
Where: Munich, Germany
When:  All the year round
The English garden of Munich was established in 1789 by Carl Theodor von der Pfalz the Duke of Bavaria. The large beautiful garden which is decorated as an English garden is known as the largest urban garden in the world. The garden that is known as the "green lung" of the city extends on 373 Hectares starting from the center of Munich up to the north side of the city.The beautiful place is worth a visit and a calming tour through its pretty sceneries that opposed the noise of the city.München - Online hotel reservations
Hamburg Fish (Fischmarkt) Market
Where: Hamburg, Germany
When:  All the year round
Hamburg Fish Market is one of the oldest fish markets in Europe.   It was established in 1703 and up to these days it carries on the local tradition and serves Hamburg residents every Sunday morning.   Despite its name, this is not only market for fresh fishes but also for fruits, vegetables and other things. The market is most beautiful, colored and noisy as a market should be. The unique atmosphere in competed by concerts of folklore music played by local bands.   Open all year round: April - September: from...(read more)
Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Lubeck 2018
Where: Lubeck, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
Christmas market in Lübeck which is located in north Germany preserves an ancient tradition that started in 1648. Since then it is held, every year, from the second half of November until end December. The market is located on the Baroque old market square from the 16th century. The gateway to the market is lightened with thousands colorful lamps so the ancient houses around the square is a marvelous decoration to the charmed market.  More than 400 wooden huts and stalls sell various handcrafts, presents and presents for the...(read more)
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