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Nights of Love in the Desert Festival 2018
Where: Beersheba, Israel
When:  Annually in August. (2018 TBA)
Nights of Love in the Desert Festival is held every summer in Desert Ashram – Meditation center, Festivals and spiritual events. It is located on road-40 south of Mitzpe Ramón, bus arrival with line 392.   This is an event of meditation and connection of the female and masculine energy, awareness and love workshops, diverse parties, music, etc…   The intimate festival promises fascinating desert atmosphere, love of the other and strong energetic meeting.   The program, lineup details, time...(read more)
Rehovot International Live Statues Festival 2018
Where: Rehovot, Israel
When:  Annually. Start July (2018 TBA)
The Rehovot international live statues festival exhibits, for three days, shows of colorful and fascinated live statues. In contrary to sole statues that can be, usually, seen in city squares and crowded places over the world, in Rehovot’s festival more than 40 artists (most of them from overseas) create a magnificent spectacular.   The event promises great joy for all ages. Free enterance.
Hutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem - The International Arts and Crafts Festival 2018
Where: Jerusalem, Israel
When:  Annually in August (2018 TBA)
Hutzot hayotzer - The International Arts and Crafts Festival is held, every year, in the first half of August.   The events of the festival that started more than thirty years ago, take place in open air in the Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Center, Mitchell Gardens and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in the Sultan’s Pool.   Handmade works of Israeli and guest artists are exhibited. In addition to the marvelous exhibitions, culture and art shows take place.   The festival's program, lineup...(read more)
Weizmann Institute Science Festival
Where: Rehovot, Israel
When:  Last time was held in 2012..
Weizmann Institute Science Festival is a yearly fiesta of science and technology. The visitors can enjoy various competitions, workshops, interesting observations, tours and diverse demonstrations.   The events are fit for youth and those that have interest in various scientific areas. All the events take place in the campus of Weizmann Institute in Rehovot.   The festival's program and the admission fee cost are present in the festival's website.
The Bible Festival
Where: Qiryat Gat, Israel
When:  No information was found for this event.
The Bible Festival is held every year. The festival promises lot of events, activities and experiences to the whole family. The festival’s events take place in the "Shfelat Yehuda" region.   The visitors can enjoy photograph workshop, participation in solving night riddle, various tours based on Biblical events, various music shows, etc…   The festival's program, lineup information and the admission fee cost are present in the festival's website.
Arad Festival 2018 ''Singer in the air''
Where: Arad, Israel
When:  Annually in August - (2018 TBA)
Arad Festival is one of the oldest music festivals in Israel.   The festival that started in 1982 takes place in end August hosts the best singers and the leading bands of Israel.   The events that are held for three days focused on the Hebrew song. They attract thousands of youth to the southern city and turn Arad center to a marvelous music center.   In addition to the music events the visitors can enjoy street theater shows and visits in the city museums and galleries.   Entrance is free for all the...(read more)
Briza Festival
Where: Ashqelon, Israel
When:  No information was found for this event.
Briza Festival which started in 1992 held music and entertainment shows performed by the best of Israeli artists. The events are held in the amphitheater in the national park of Ashkelon and on other stages nearby.   The events attract, every year, thousands of visitors who enjoy the free diverse shows.   The festival's program, lineup information are present in Ashkelon municipality tourist website.
Renaissance Festival
Where: Kibbutz Yehiam, Israel
When:  October
Renaissance Festival is held, every year, in September/October (various dates) in the National Park of Yechiam Castle in the west Galilee. The visitors can enjoy various concerts of ancient music played by local and guest musicians and compositions, choirs singing and other activities.   In addition the musical shows, it is possible to enjoy a great variety of events like workshops, street performances, guided tours in the castle, experiencing ancient crafts, hearing stories, etc…   The view of the Galilee and the...(read more)
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