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Skansen open air museum
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Skansen open air museum is known as the most ancient market worldwide. It was established in 1891. The museum exhibits more than hundred and fifty unique houses from the eighteen, nineteen and twentieth centuries as well as the way of life in those years in various areas. In addition to the constant exhibitions, various events and shows are held. It is recommended to check the events schedule on the museum website. Skansen museum is also a marvelous zoological park with lot of exhibits. The museum is located near the center of Stockholm...(read more)
Stockholm butterfly house
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Stockholm butterfly house is located in the middle of group of greenhouses on an 800 square meter area. The butterflies have ideal living conditions due to the high humidity and temperature between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, night and day.This is a natural habitat to thousands of tropic butterflies of more than 400 species that was imported from various places over the world. Part of the butterflies was brought as pupae while the others live and complete its life cycle in the artificial conditions.The visit promises a colorful experience of...(read more)
Roman Games in Rusovce
Where: Rusovce, Slovakia
When:  Annally in September
Rusovce is a suburb of Bratislava. It is located on the Danube banks near the Hungarian border. The town holds, every year in September, restoration of the lives in ancient Rome. The every day life of the Roman is present to the audience in this time journey festival. The events take place in the Roman army camp Gerulata near Rusovce. The historic reality is accurately reconstructed - the visitors can see gladiators’ fights as well as the life enjoyments of the people of Rome, the fashion, the dress, the meals, the feasts and the...(read more)
Codelli Classic Cars Festival
Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia
When:  September.
Codelli Classic Cars Festival which is held in Ljubljana is like a time journey to the past. In this a unique festival, ancient cars are exhibited as well as old technology and old objects that reflect the culture tradition of Slovenia. Among the exhibits the visitors can see various cars that were produced until 1979. In addition, an antiquity and fine arts exhibition takes place. Most of the exhibits are for sale. The buyers can find clocks, statues, paintings, books, carpets, furniture, silverware, etc… Various culture events...(read more)
Thailand International Orchid Innovation Show
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
When:  July.
Thailand International Orchid Innovation Show is held once a year. Flowers that were grown by growers in Thailand and other countries are present in this exhibition. The emphasis in this colorful show is on techniques, species and new developments in flowers’ growth.   In spite of the fact that the exhibition is a professional meeting between growers, exporters and importers of Orchids from all over the world, the show is open for the public also. Bangkok - Online hotel reservations, (Immediate Confirmation).
Budapest City Park - Városliget
Where: Budapest, Hungary
When:  All year round
Budapest City Park – Városliget contains many tourists’ attractions and historic sites like the commemoration site for George Washington and Vajdahunyad castle.In addition to the gardens and the large grass spaces, two attraction points for families with children are located in the park: the city zoo and Vidim amusement park.The visitors can wander in the traffic museum, the flight museum or watch the show of Budapest circus.Budapest - Online hotel reservations.  
Jewish Historical Museum
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All year round
The history of the Jewish community in Netherlands is documented and demonstrated in the Jewish Historical Museum (Historisch Museum Joods) which is located in area of four buildings that were used as synagogues of the Ashkenazi community of Amsterdam.   The museum presents an impressive collection of items that describes the glorious past of two hundred Jewish communities that lived in Netherlands.   A special emphasis is given to the culture and the spiritual affluence of the lives of the Amsterdam Judaism of all times....(read more)
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All year round
The museum Madame Tussauds Amsterdam presents wax statues of important figures of local and global history with figures from the entertainment world and current world leaders. In addition various culture events take place.Opening hours and admission fee cost are present in the museum's website.
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