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Ayers Rock (Uluru), Australia
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Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix (Formula One Race) 2019
Where: Manama, Bahrain
When:  Annually in April (2019 TBA)
The Gulf Air Baharain Grand Prix is one of number yearly races which are held all over the world. In 2008, 17 competitions took place, in 2009, 18 competitions and in 2010, 19 competitions are planned. The races, usually, are held in the same countries and around the same dates. However there are changes, thus it is possible that a certain country will not held a race while new countries are added to the list. These are the countries, in alphabetical order, where the races are held: Abu-Dhabi, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium,...(read more)
Petticoat Lane Market
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round (Only on Sundays)
Petticoat Lane market in London is active only on Sundays and it is known as one of the great markets in the world. The market that is spread over several streets attracts thousands buyers, locals and tourists.The visitor can buy, in the market, what ever he thinks of: work tools, kitchenware, home stuff, shoes, toys, cloths especially leather, etc...The market is located in Middlesex Street and all the nearby streets.Opening hours:Every Sunday between 9:00 and 14:00. London - Online hotel reservations - Immediate Confirmation.
Portobello Road Market
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round.
Portobello Road Market in London is the biggest antique market in the world. In spite of the fact that it is known as an antique market, on Saturdays it turns to a combine market with vegetables, fruits and flowers also. The market that is located in Notting Hill offers thousands of antique items sold by hundred merchants. This market is paradise for collectors. London - Online hotel reservations - Immediate Confirmation.
Bergen Fish Market (Fisketorget i Bergen)
Where: Bergen, Norway
When:  All the year round - See opening hours below
The fish market in Bergen is known by its plenty and fresh fish and seafood. In spite of its being fish market, vegetables, fruits, flowers and handmade souvenirs can be bought also. Every morning the drifters reach the pier and the fishermen sell fresh Shrimps that were cooked on the boats. Those who still hungry can buy buns with plenty of Salmon. Visit the market near the sea, and the beauty of Bergen leaves the visitor with a lot of marvelous memories and taste. Opening hours: June, July and August: daily 07:00 to 19:00 September to...(read more)
Anne Frank House
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round
Anne Frank House demonstrates the days when the Frank family hid in a secret outbuilding of the house until they were captured by the Nazis. The museum preserved the house entirely. The visitor can be impressed by the various departments of the house and feel the heavy atmosphere on those days. In front the visitor can see the restoration of Auto Frank's, Anne's father, office. Various documents, numerously books of Anne Frank's dairy translated to different languages and particularly the first original diary together with original...(read more)
Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival
Where: Madrid, Spain
When:  February.
The flamenco dance which was created in South West Spain by gipsy from Andalucía, is one of the Spanish culture assets. The Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival which is held once a year is known as one of the leading festivals of its kind. The shows are held in Teatro Albéniz hall and in La Casa Encendida. The best singers and dancers of Spain participate in the festival.     Reserve now your hotel in Madrid Attractive and lowest prices, suited for all budgets. Confirmation of your reservation...(read more)
Transmediale Festival of Art and Digital Culture in Berlin 2019
Where: Berlin, Germany
When:  Annually in February. (2019 TBA)
The various kinds of the digital media are nowadays part of the contemporary art. Transmediale festival is determinate as festival for art and digital culture. It started in 1988 as a festival that was focused on video art. Since then the technology developed and with it the festival turned to be one of the most important digital art events. In the festival which is held in Berlin in end January - start February, the mutual influences of the technology on art and vice versa is inspected. An exhibition is presented, various discussions...(read more)
Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo
Where: Tokyo, Japan
When:  All the year round.
Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is a wholesaler market. The fish, big Tuna fish, are sold to merchants and restaurants' owners when the price of the fish is determined in a noisy public sale procedure. Lot of tourists arrives to watch the unique sale process that can't be seen in any market.Every day, at 3:00 a.m. the market comes alive and the its workers prepare the giant fish for sale.The organizers create a fish exhibition on low platforms, check the quality of the fish and estimate its value. On 4:30 a.m. the buyers gather and the public...(read more)
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