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Bolivian music and dance festival
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Stockholm butterfly house
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Stockholm butterfly house is located in the middle of group of greenhouses on an 800 square meter area. The butterflies have ideal living conditions due to the high humidity and temperature between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, night and day.This is a natural habitat to thousands of tropic butterflies of more than 400 species that was imported from various places over the world. Part of the butterflies was brought as pupae while the others live and complete its life cycle in the artificial conditions.The visit promises a colorful experience of...(read more)
Gamla Stan the old city of Stockholm
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm, is an attraction to lot of tourists and people who want to feel the city's unique atmosphere. The ancient city which was established in the 13th century is inhabited nowadays by about 3000 residents who live in the impressive, well preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. The most significant building is the royal palace.In the ancient city lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, artists workshops and museums. Stockholm - Online hotel reservations
Christmas Market (Hameln Weihnachtsmarkt) in Hamelin 2018
Where: Hameln, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
Every year, from the second half of November until end December, Hamelin which is located 50 km from Hanover in mid Germany, holds a beautiful Christmas market that seems to emerge right from a fairy tale. The market is located in the ancient Middle Ages quarter where its houses and the market church create a marvelous decoration to the charmed market.  On the Christmas Market days accommodations can be fully booked, hence it is recommended to make a room's reservations in advance in order to find a room in a reasonable...(read more)
Christmas Market in Gottingen (Weihnachtsmarkt) 2018
Where: Gottingen, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
Every year, from the second half of November until Christmas, Gottingen, located in mid Germany, holds a Christmas Market. The market is located near the city council house in the Middle Ages ancient quarter. The city council house, Saint Joan church and the ancient houses around the square is a marvelous decoration to the charmed market.  Thousands of people, local and tourists pour into town and the demand for accommodation is higher than usual, therefore it is advisable to check hotel prices and make reservations ahead of...(read more)
Old Spitalfields Market in London
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round.
Old Spitalfields Market in London is known by the locals as one of the most excited markets. In this colorful market, which is held in an ancient building, the visitors can find any item that they can think of, cloth, leader stuff, organic food, furniture, etc...The market is located in East London and is active seven days a week. In addition to all the general merchandise which is sold every day, in Thursday and Friday extra item category is emphasized.    • On Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00 - antique stuff.  ...(read more)
Christmas Market in Essen 2018
Where: Essen, Germany
When:  2018 from end November till end December .
The international Christmas market in Essen (Internationaler Weihnachtsmarkt), in contrary to other Christmas markets has an international character. Exotic products and unique food from various countries is sold. The market takes place during Advent, from the second half of November till Christmas day. In the colorful stands, the visitors can buy presents for the holiday, handmade crafts, needlework, lacework and decorations for the Christmas tree. On the Christmas Market days accommodations can be fully booked, hence it is...(read more)
Poi Sang Long Festival in Mae Hong Son
Where: Mae Hong Son, Thailand
When:  April.
Mae Hong Son is located in North West Thailand, 180 km west of Chiang Mai. The town holds, every year, during the school vacations, between end March and start April, a Buddhist ceremony - Poi Sang Long. Unlike other ceremonies in the country, this is an ordination ceremony.   Group of youngsters, 7 – 14 years old, are authorized to start learn the main principles of Buddhism. The festival lasts for three days. In the first day the boys shave their heads, wash and anoint their body with unique water and dress magnificent...(read more)
Fish-Flock-Shellfish Festival
Where: Phetchabun, Thailand
When:  September.
The events of the Fish Flock Shellfish are held, yearly, on the viewing terrace of Cha-am beach in Phetchaburi (located 160 km south to Bangkok). Lot of stands offers the best sea food and fishes of the area made by more than 50 chefs from the leading hotels of the city.   The festival is held between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The public can, also, join a cruise of evening fishing of cuttlefishes that are dragged by the lights of the boats.   Bird lovers can join bird watching tours in the area.
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