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Waterlooplein flea Market
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round except Sundays
Waterlooplein market was established in 1893 by the Jews of Amsterdam. Over the years, the market changed its nature and nowadays it is an interesting flea market. It is located in the city center near Waterloo square. The market has a unique atmosphere and in contrary to the other markets, the buyer can debate the prices and negotiate with the sellers. Most of the traders present their merchandise on the floor – cloths, jewelry, leather dress, ancient stuff, etc...  Opening Hours Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00...(read more)
Looier Arts and Antiques market (Kunst & Antiekmarkt De Looier)
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round except Fridyas
Looier Arts and Antiques market was established more than 30 years ago as an immovable roofed antique market in Netherlands. The market is located in center Amsterdam. It has more than 70 stands, number of big shops and about 90 little sale points. The visitors can find antique stuff, art stuff, works of glass and porcelains, ceramic, gem and gold, antique furnishers, paints, clocks, ritual objects, etc… The market is opened six days a week. On Wednesdays and weekends, a flea market is held. Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday:...(read more)
Art Fair in Spui Square (Art Plein Spui)
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  Sundays only (Except winter cold days).
A unique art exhibition in open air is held by the Amsterdam International Artists Foundation, every Sunday in Spui square that is located in the center of the old city of Amsterdam near Begijnhof and the Historical Museum.   In this art fair, various kinds of creations made by 25 creators are presents. The visitors can find creations of oil and acrylics, water colors, graphic arts, sculptures, jewelry and ceramics. It is possible to buy the creations directly from the artists without the brokerage of the museums and the...(read more)
Amsterdam's Books market (Boekenmarkt op het Spui)
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round, every Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
Amsterdam Book Market is held, every Friday, on Spui square that is located in the center of the old city of Amsterdam near Begijnhof and the Historical Museum. Book merchants from all Netherlands offer various books mostly in Dutch. Lot of local residents and tourists wander in the market searching for unique books or bargains. Opening Hours: Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 (excluding cold days in winter) Arrival ways: 10 minutes walk from Dam square Tram – lines 1,2,5,13,17,20 Het Spui station Amsterdam - Online hotel...(read more)
Post Stamps and Coins Market (Postzegelmarkt)
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round - Wednesday and Saturday
The hobby of collecting post stamps and coins is very common in Europe. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, collectors and merchants gather in the Post Stamps and Coins Market of Amsterdam to buy, sell, swap and evaluate stamps, postcards and coins. Location: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Street in front of house no. 280. Opening Hours: Wednesday and Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 Transportation: Tram – line 1,2,5,13,17,20 till Het Spui station. Amsterdam - Online hotel reservations  [By]
Organic Farmers Market (Boerenmarkt op de Noordermarkt)
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All the year round - Saturdays Only, 09:00 - 15:00
The Organic Farmers Market of Amsterdam was established in 1987 and since it becomes famous in everything that concerns health food ingredients. The market is held, every Saturday, in Noordermarket. The visitors can buy organic food of various kinds, such as; organic eggs, honey, cheeses, home made cakes, spices, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc… Location: Noordermarket. Opening Hours: Wednesday and Saturday: 9am –3pm Transportation: Tram – lines 3,10 till Mamixbad station. Amsterdam - Online hotel reservations,...(read more)
The Hague Festivals 2018
Where: Den Haag, Netherlands
When:  All year round - Details in festival's website below
The Hague Festival is held all year round (different dates). The festival contains several huge festive multi-disciplinary art events. More than 200 various shows take place in several venues over the city. During the festival days, the city becomes a center for hundreds of enthusiastic visitors, locals and tourists, who enjoy the great variety of shows.   The coffee houses, bars and restaurants hold, also, various shows. All of these create festive and joy atmosphere.
Jewish Historical Museum
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  All year round
The history of the Jewish community in Netherlands is documented and demonstrated in the Jewish Historical Museum (Historisch Museum Joods) which is located in area of four buildings that were used as synagogues of the Ashkenazi community of Amsterdam.   The museum presents an impressive collection of items that describes the glorious past of two hundred Jewish communities that lived in Netherlands.   A special emphasis is given to the culture and the spiritual affluence of the lives of the Amsterdam Judaism of all times....(read more)
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