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Musee Juif de Belgique
Where: Brussels, Belgium
When:  Open all Year except Saturdays, Jewish and national holidays.
The collections of the Jewish Museum of Belgium chiefly depict the life and history of the Jewish populations of our regions starting in the 18th century. The collections come from acquisitions, donations, reserves, such as that of the Consistoire central israélite de Belgique, from Jewish communities in the country, the Stelman-Topiol Foundation ( 250 maps and views of the Holy Land from the 16th to the 20th centuries), the Department of Israeli antiquities, or from the Wiener collection.[Musée Juif de Belgique] Brussels -...(read more)
Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok
Where: Bangkok, Thailand
When:  All year round.
Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is one of the greatest markets in the world. The market extends on a huge open space and hosts thousands stands from every commercial area: cloth, tools, food, electronic goods and every other thing that you can imagine. The market takes place in Chatuchak park on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00. More than 200,000 buyers attend more than 15,000 stands. Viewing the mass meeting of thousands of buyers and sellers is a unique experience. The market 's information how to get, parking etc, is...(read more)
Athens Central Market (Varvakeios Agora)
Where: Athens, Greece
When:  All the year round.
The central market of Athens ''Varvakeios Agora'' is located in 42 Athinas Street. It is looked upon as one of the original and beautiful markets in the world. The markets' stands are placed in a roofed building built especially for the market. The stands are set in long parallel rows where in every row a different kind of food is sold. Especially beautiful are the rows of the meat and of the sea food. The way the fishes and the meat are presented, the salespersons with it's' white gowns, the quit of the place...(read more)
Mercato Nuovo in Florence
Where: Florence, Italy
When:  All the year round
Mercato nuovo (The new market) of Florence is an active market since the 16th century. The market preserves a tourist tradition which declares that every visitor who rubs his nose against the nose of the wild boar which is located in the market's square, will come back to visit.Summer opening hours. (between the 2nd Sunday of March and the 1st Sunday of November): Monday-Sunday, 9am-8pm.Winter opening hours. (between the Monday following the 1st Sunday of November and the Saturday before the 2nd Sunday of March): Tuesday-Sunday,...(read more)
Mercato Campo de Fiori market
Where: Roma, Italy
When:  All the year round
Mercato Campo de Fiori market is located in the center of Rome in a small square with the same name. The market is active since 1869 and is one of the open markets of Rome.This is a little food market that offers, to the locals and the mass of tourists, kitchenware, vegetables and fresh fruits. In addition it is known as the best market for buying fishes and spices. Opening hours: From 8:00 to 15:00.Reserve now your hotel in Rome.Attractive and lowest prices, suited for all budgets.Confirmation of your reservation will be mailed toyou...(read more)
Florence Mercato Centrale
Where: Florence, Italy
When:  All the year round
Mercato Centrale" market in Florence is mainly a food market. The central part of the market is Mercato Centrale square but it spread to all the nearest streets. The market is very colorful, lively and noisy. As in every Italian market the visitor can find here side by side with the meat and vegetables also various home stuff, cloths, work tolls, etc...Opening hours ummer to Autumn:From June 15th until September 15th: Monday-Saturday, 7am-2pmOpening hours Winter to Spring:From September 16th until June 14th: Monday-Friday, 7am-2pm;...(read more)
Petticoat Lane Market
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round (Only on Sundays)
Petticoat Lane market in London is active only on Sundays and it is known as one of the great markets in the world. The market that is spread over several streets attracts thousands buyers, locals and tourists.The visitor can buy, in the market, what ever he thinks of: work tools, kitchenware, home stuff, shoes, toys, cloths especially leather, etc...The market is located in Middlesex Street and all the nearby streets.Opening hours:Every Sunday between 9:00 and 14:00. London - Online hotel reservations - Immediate Confirmation.
Portobello Road Market
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round.
Portobello Road Market in London is the biggest antique market in the world. In spite of the fact that it is known as an antique market, on Saturdays it turns to a combine market with vegetables, fruits and flowers also. The market that is located in Notting Hill offers thousands of antique items sold by hundred merchants. This market is paradise for collectors. London - Online hotel reservations - Immediate Confirmation.
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