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Traditional sweets in the vilage of Makrinitsa, Greece
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First Thursdays in London
Where: London, United Kingdom
When:  All the year round - On the first Thursday of every month.
On the first Thursday of every month, the art galleries and the museums of East London are open to public until late evening. This is a fine opportunity to see works of art or participate in various culture events that are held on these days. More than eighty galleries and museums participate in the "First Thursday" events, and are opened to public until 21:00.The visitors can find interesting items and collections.London - Online hotel reservations. Immediate Confirmation.
Chichicastenango (Chichi) open air market
Where: Chichicastenango, Guatemala
When:  All the year round.
The open air market in the city of Chichi or in its official name Chichicastenango, is known as one of the most colored and interesting market. The market which is located around the central Cathedral offers its visitors all kinds of items; souvenirs, handmade decorations, flowers, local food, folklore and traditional cloths, etc...Visiting the market promise an unforgettable experience due to the exposure to the daily life of the town residents.
Munich English Garden (Englischer Garten Munchen)
Where: Munich, Germany
When:  All the year round
The English garden of Munich was established in 1789 by Carl Theodor von der Pfalz the Duke of Bavaria. The large beautiful garden which is decorated as an English garden is known as the largest urban garden in the world. The garden that is known as the "green lung" of the city extends on 373 Hectares starting from the center of Munich up to the north side of the city.The beautiful place is worth a visit and a calming tour through its pretty sceneries that opposed the noise of the city.München - Online hotel reservations
Barcelona El Bulevard dels Antiquaris
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When:  All year round.
Antiquarians Boulevard is an attractive group of about 70 shops selling various kinds of antiques such as paintings, furnishers, art stuff, ancient ritual objects, juelary, silverware, ceramics, etc...This is an unique flea market where all the objects for sale have a certificate document about the originality of the object and a warranty.This is a beautiful and inquisitive place for the visitors and the buyers. Barcelona - Online hotel reservations - Immediate Confirmation
The giant plane tree in Tsagkarada Pelion peninsula
Where: Tsagkarada, Greece
When:  All the year round.
The visitors who travel in Pelion- Pilio peninsula should visit the beautiful traditional village - Tsagkarada in order to be impressed by a unique nature phenomenon - 2 giant old Platanus trees that grow there. In the Agia Paraskevi church square stands a Platanus giant tree of more than thousand years. The circumference of its trunk is about 17.5 meters. Its trunk split to several giant branches which grow up and to its sides. Not far from it stands another Platanus tree, only eight hundred years old, that its trunk's...(read more)
Skansen open air museum
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Skansen open air museum is known as the most ancient market worldwide. It was established in 1891. The museum exhibits more than hundred and fifty unique houses from the eighteen, nineteen and twentieth centuries as well as the way of life in those years in various areas. In addition to the constant exhibitions, various events and shows are held. It is recommended to check the events schedule on the museum website. Skansen museum is also a marvelous zoological park with lot of exhibits. The museum is located near the center of Stockholm...(read more)
Stockholm butterfly house
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Stockholm butterfly house is located in the middle of group of greenhouses on an 800 square meter area. The butterflies have ideal living conditions due to the high humidity and temperature between 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, night and day.This is a natural habitat to thousands of tropic butterflies of more than 400 species that was imported from various places over the world. Part of the butterflies was brought as pupae while the others live and complete its life cycle in the artificial conditions.The visit promises a colorful experience of...(read more)
Gamla Stan the old city of Stockholm
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
When:  All year round.
Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm, is an attraction to lot of tourists and people who want to feel the city's unique atmosphere. The ancient city which was established in the 13th century is inhabited nowadays by about 3000 residents who live in the impressive, well preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. The most significant building is the royal palace.In the ancient city lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, artists workshops and museums. Stockholm - Online hotel reservations
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