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Postoina caves
Where: Postojna, Slovenia
When:  All year round
Postoina caves are the world second-largest underground cave system. An electric train takes visitors through illuminated halls of the miraculous subterranean world. The habitat of the olm (Proteus anguinus), a salamander endemic to the subterranean waters of souther Europe.   [By Ljubliana Tourist Information Center]
Vintgar gorge
Where: Bled, Slovenia
When:  All year round
Vintgar Gorge is one of the most beautiful and popular nature sites in Slovenia. The rocky walls of the impressive gorge were created by the slashing water flows of the river Radovna. The 1,600 meters long channel was made ready for hikers hundred years ago. A wooden path is installed along the narrow route that passes over the river. The hikers can be impressed by the noise of the water batting the rocky channel. The walk lasts about 45 minutes walk in one direction, and allows viewing the river, the pools and the green flora. The way ends...(read more)
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