Tirana International Film Festival 2024

Where: Millenium, Agimi and COD Cinema, ,
When: Sunday, September 22, 2024 - Saturday, September 28, 2024
Photo: tiranafilmfest.com
Photo: tiranafilmfest.com

One of the most culture event in Albania is certainly Tirana International Film Festival. The Film Festival is opened for professional filmmakers and students from all over the world. It started in 2003 and since it is considered the most important and leading cinematic event in Albania.

It is a competitive festival in which filmmakers compete in various cinema categories such as short films, fiction, live action, animation, documentary, experimental and video art.

Judging is performed by an international jury who award the winners, with the main prize being the Golden Owl Award for Best Feature Movie.

The festival’s program, venue, dates & submission information, screening schedule etc. is present in the festival’s link website. See details below, under “Event Related Information” section

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Event Related Information

Contact details:
Tirana International Film Festival
Phone: +355 67 208 8771
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For your attention !

As unforeseen circumstances can arise, the details of events are subject to change. We highly recommend checking with the organizers before making any travel arrangements to ensure up-to-date information.

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Albania background and overview
Between 1990 and 1992 Albania ended 46 years of xenophobic Communist rule and established a multiparty democracy. The transition has proven challenging as successive governments have tried to deal with high unemployment, widespread corruption, a dilapidated physical infrastructure, powerful organized crime networks, and combative political opponents. Albania has made progress in its democratic development since first holding multiparty elections in 1991, but deficiencies remain - particularly in regard to the rule of law. Despite some lingering problems, international observers have judged elections to be largely free and fair since the restoration of political stability following the collapse of pyramid schemes in 1997. In the 2005 general elections, the Democratic Party and its allies won a decisive victory on pledges of reducing crime and corruption, promoting economic growth, and decreasing the size of government. The election, and particularly the orderly transition of power, was considered an important step forward. Although Albania's economy continues to grow, the country is still one of the poorest in Europe, hampered by a large informal economy and an inadequate energy and transportation infrastructure. Albania has played a largely helpful role in managing inter-ethnic tensions in southeastern Europe, and is continuing to work toward joining NATO and the EU. Albania, with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been a strong supporter of the global war on terrorism.
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